• Why is waxing the best method for hair removal?

    When you wax you are destroying the hair follicle. As long as you don’t shave and get waxed every 4-6 weeks regular the follicle will grow back smaller and smaller as well as the hair comes back finer, causing you a less discomfort every time you get a wax!

    Usually people see no hair growth for 2-3 weeks between waxes…can you imagine not shaving or having to worry about hair growth for 3 weeks!

  • How do I prepare for my first wax?

    First toss the razor! We need 10-14 days of growth for your best results! Drink plenty of h20 the week of your appointment, a hydrated hair follicle comes out so much easier than a dehydrated one. Make sure to exfoliate 3-4 times a week and 24 hours prior to your appointment. If you feel the need you can take a ibuprofen 30-40 min prior to ease discomfort. Lastly, BREATHE… YOU GOT THIS!

  • Waxing Post Care

    It would be best if you avoided friction for the first 48 hours. Just remember the least amount of friction you create, the better off your skin will be, meaning no sexual intercourse( I know, bummer), working out, soaking in a hot tub pool or bath, etc. Think loose bottoms, and you’re most granny of panties. Your follicles need to chill. Getting any bacteria into the follicle too soon (getting sweaty at ALL) can cause folliculitis, breakouts, and irritation. After 48 hours, if you are no longer sensitive, you must begin exfoliating NO LOOFAHS or WASH CLOTHS; you need a physical or chemical exfoliant. Ask your waxer what’s best for you; we carry all natural or naturally derived gynecological tested post-wax care products. Following exfoliation, you have to moisturize every single day. this is the key to getting the most out of your waxes and keeping your skin happy. Oh, and don’t forget waxing constantly is critical. It would be best if you were getting waxed every four weeks for optimal results.

  • Can I get waxed on my period?

    This is a FAQ, so we are here to set the record straight. You CAN get waxed on your period; NO, it’s not weird or gross. We do it all the time; just another day in the office, we got YOU! All we ask is that you wear a tampon or cup at the time of your appointment. You can take a Tylenol if you wish 30-40 minutes prior as you can be more sensitive during your cycle. The point of this is so that way you know your good girl! Also, if you get your period the same day of your appointment and do not feel comfortable getting waxed, I understand… however, the 50% charge of your service total will still be owed since you can get waxed while menstruating!

  • Pregnancy and Waxing

    If you are expecting, congrats! We recommend not waiting until you are eight months pregnant to start waxing, as you can be extra sensitive. We suggest waxing through your pregnancy as long as it’s cool with your doctor. Here we have waxed some women throughout the there entire pregnancy. If you decide to get one wax right before birth, there is a chance you will not have the best results if it’s just a one-and-done, as you can be more sensitive, prone to lifting, gowns, etc. That’s why we suggest starting ASAP.

  • How long do waxing results last?

    It takes an average of 5-8 regular waxes every 4 weeks with no shaving before you get a super clean wax. Whenever you first start there might be some strays left behind which is totally normal. When you shave you cut the hair shaft off at different lengths. Since the hair grows in three stages it takes those regular waxes to get them all on the same growth cycle. With that being said if your getting ready for a special event or trip we recommend getting 3 waxes prior so you are starting to see super smooth results!

  • Does waxing hurt?

    Waxing can cause some mild discomfort. If you feel the need you can take an ibuprofen 30-40 min prior to ease discomfort.

  • How does brow lamination work?

    Brow Lamination Is the process of perming the brow hair straight and into a beautifully groomed shape with our exclusive keratin formula. Get perfectly tailored and insta-worthy brows that last up to 6 weeks. Note: you must have brow hair in order for optimal results, but can be done in combination with micro-blading or powder brows.

  • How does lash lifting work?

    Our lash lifts are innovative keratin lash treatments that lift, curl, tint and boosts your natural lashes with a special pigment infusion. This lash lift is special because it strengths and thickens your lashes as the days go on after your lift and tint!

  • How do I make an appointment?

    Head over to our scheduling tool and select your service and schedule it on a day when you’re available to come in to see us! If you need help give us a call or text at 3176728436

  • How old do I have to be to get waxed?

    We need parental consent for any type of waxing if you are under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18 a parent must be present at your first wax to give consent for the first wax going forward. We have waxed people as young as 12 so it is not uncommon to start early : )